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I am currently taking a break from offering mobile Sports Massage – to focus on building my Gold Coast Seated Massage business.

If you could benefit from having Seated Massage at your Conference, Trade Show, or Exhibition,

Or want to reward your staff with regular or one-off workplace massage,

Or need a fun activity for your Charity Day, Open Day, Sports Day, Golf Day, or Special Business promotion… I can sort you out.

I can provide 1 therapist for two hours, or a team of therapists for a week.

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Nigel Coates – Mobile: 0411 6999 28 or Email here.



If you are looking for a quality Sports Massage, take advantage of my first class Mobile Service.

I can come to your home, event, or competition.

Sports Massage Gold Coast

Sports MassageYou don’t need to be an elite athlete to get a Sports Massage.

Anyone who has been involved in physical activity can benefit.

The term sports massage became popular a few years back. It ran alongside the introduction and popularity of the ‘sports drink’. To be truthful, the techniques of a sports massage all fall under the Remedial massage banner.

It is just a massage that takes into consideration your previous and future activity (and the specialised mechanical functions of that activity), while also being mindful of any injuries or concerns. (i.e. Runners are prone to shin splints, and triathletes usually have super tight ITB’s.)

If you are looking to speed recovery time between gym workouts or competitions, or increase your performance level, definitely try me for a sports massage to see what we can do.

My sports massages are specifically geared to keep you in optimal condition.

I have a Diploma of Remedial Massage, which is the highest massage qualification available in Australia.

A Sports Massage allows me to engage the full arsenal of my therapeutic techniques, including;

  • A Musculo-Skeletal Screen (for structural and functional imbalance)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Stretching
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Lymphatic Drainage

Gold Coast Sports Massage

Sports Massages fall broadly into 3 categories.

Pre-Event (like warming-up before a football game)

During the Event (Like a basketball competition running for a week)

Post Event (Recovering from a half-marathon)

Each massage is completely different in approach and desired outcome.

If you make contact I’m more than happy to discuss your specific situation.

Regular Sports Massage;

  • Is perfect for people rehabilitating from injury.
  • Keeps you in optimal condition – better avoiding potential injury.
  • Can be a lot of fun!

If you regularly attend the gym a Sports Massage is great for keeping your muscles in top condition. Maintenance is better than repair!

I am available to come to your home for a specific treatment or attend your sporting event to sit on the side-lines.

I have worked with athletes from all sports, recreational endeavours, and levels of fitness.

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