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I am currently taking a break from mobile Remedial Massage – to focus on my Gold Coast Seated Massage business.

If you could benefit from having Seated Massage at your Conference, Trade Show, or Exhibition,

Or want to reward your staff with regular or one-off workplace massage,

Or need a fun activity for your Charity Day, Open Day, Sports Day, Golf Day, or Special Business promotion… I can sort you out.

I can provide 1 therapist for two hours, or a team of therapists for a week.

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Nigel Coates – Mobile: 0411 6999 28 or Email here.


Remedial Massage Reduces Pain & Increases Range of Movement.

If you are looking for a quality Remedial Massage, take advantage of my first class Mobile Service.

Remedial Massage Gold Coast

Remedial massage treatments are more than just a massage. In a remedial treatment I look to remedy the problem or cause of your dysfunction – as well as address the symptoms.

If for example, the right side of your neck and upper back is sore, and through extensive questioning we find it relates to your computer usage – I make sure your work space is set up ergonomically, give you a stretching program to do during long stints in front of the screen, and work on your tight muscles with a variety of hands-on techniques.

Without the Remedial component, just getting a massage would only be a temporary fix until you sit in front of your computer again.

This is just one possible example of when a Remedial treatment is more suitable than a Relaxation massage.

I have a Diploma of Remedial Massage, which is the highest massage qualification available in Australia. I studied and trained at the Gold Coast campus of ‘The Australian Institute of Massage’, who I believe are the leaders in massage education in Australia.

Gold Coast Massage

The therapeutic tools of Remedial Massage;

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Stretching
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Musculo-Skeletal Screens
  • As well as extensive questioning into your work and lifestyle habits.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage treatments are perfect if you are injured, or are living with continual pain or discomfort.

If you suffer the negative effects of tight shoulders, including tension headaches and migraines, or have limited mobility as your body is worn out from work or sport, Remedial Massage will give you relief and get you back on track.

Each treatment is different, and will target your individual needs.

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