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I am currently taking a break from providing Mobile Kahuna Lomi Lomi Massage – to focus on my Gold Coast Seated Massage business.

If you could benefit from having Seated Massage at your Conference, Trade Show, or Exhibition,

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Or need a fun activity for your Charity Day, Open Day, Sports Day, Golf Day, or Special Business promotion… I can sort you out.

I can provide 1 therapist for two hours, or a team of therapists for a week.

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If you are wanting to experience a Kahuna Massage on the Gold Coast, Look no further!

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Kahuna Massage Gold Coast

Kahuna Lomi Lomi Gold CoastA Kahuna Massage (also called Lomi Lomi Massage) is a style of massage that originated in the Polynesian islands. Originally done by the Kahuna of the tribe, the massage strokes work along the energy Meridians of the body.

Unlike the Swedish massage, which focuses on one body part at a time, the Kahuna massage travels around the entire body in a continuous flow.

The hands rarely leave the body or stop motion! It is an Amazing Experience!

The traditional relaxation massage is the Swedish massage sequence, but if you are a little more adventurous, a Hawaiian Kahuna massage (also called a Lomi Lomi) is for you.

With long flowing strokes a Kahuna massage is an energetic and transformational experience you will long remember.

It’s been called the Rolls Royce of massage, and rightly so!

If you have never experienced a Kahuna – Don’t delay.

In a Swedish massage sequence, the back is exposed, worked on, and then covered before moving to the next body part. Again, just one part of the body is exposed, worked on, and then covered.

The reason I say the Kahuna is for the more adventurous is that all of the skin is exposed at the one time.

The massage strokes work around the entire body in a beautiful flowing sequence.

Although your ‘important bits’ remain covered at all times, you may feel a little more exposed on the table. No towels are used on the table to enable under body work, where my hand moves between your body and the table. Your own body weight provides the pressure.

If you’ve never felt this sensation – it’s amazing!

With the ‘energy work’ of a Kahuna treatment, it is more common to have an emotional response during or after the massage than in a Swedish. For people wanting to address buried concerns this massage can be the perfect treatment.

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I have worked in several of the Gold Coasts leading Day Spas and health retreats. After spending time with a client, it was always unfortunate to know they had to step back out into the real world and sit in traffic on the way home. My private clients prefer that I bring these amazing 5-Star treatments to them at a fraction of the price they pay at a day spa.

For those familiar with traditional massage, a Kahuna Massage is a fun and exciting new experience!

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