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Gold Coast Trade Show Conference MassageCorporate Massage is an umbrella term that covers a variety of situations.

Most frequently, it is when a company or business hire me and my team to massage their customers or staff. The massages are usually seated, and no clothing is removed. I can massage people sitting in their office chairs, on a stool, or bring along my own specifically designed massage seat and table.

I also have access to a range of fully qualified and insured professional massage therapists to bring along when a Massage Team is required.

Please find a variety of situations below, but understand, I am happy to be creative and flexible. Whatever your Corporate Massage situation… run it by me.

Though I am based on the Gold Coast, I have also massaged at events in Byron Bay and Brisbane.

Nigel Coates – Mobile: 0411 6999 28 or Email here.

Seated Massage in the Office or Workplace

Seated Massage TherapistI have performed seated massage in huge call centres and small offices on the Gold Coast.

Management either pays me for my time by the hour and I wander the floor spending a few minutes with each employee, or alternatively, the individual employees have payed me if they want a massage – and I just keep moving around the office until everyone who wants a massage has had one.

For the larger offices, a fun technique I have used is $3 for the time it takes an egg timer to run out (just over 3 minutes) or $5 and Ill flip it twice.

Returning fortnightly for Corporate Massage is the perfect time to keep staff excited about ‘massage day’, without the novelty wearing off.

While in the building I have also set up the table in a private room and given management a 30 or 60 minute oiled massage, because they need it, they deserve it… or just because they can.

Promotional Days

I have stood on the 18th tee of a golf course giving willing participants of a golf day some welcome relief at the end of a long game.

I have set up on the top deck of a luxury yacht cruising the Broadwater.

I have massaged at school fates.

I have been at Christmas parties (until things get a little too crazy)

Seated corporate massage takes up very little room, is easily portable, and suitable for any situation you can think of.

Please make contact to discuss your specific needs.

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Seated Massage

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