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A massage therapist can use a website in two ways.

The first is when a potential client is handed your business card or flyer and types your domain name directly into their browser looking for more information. These people have already been ‘contacted’, in that you have gone to effort and expense (printing cards, doing letter box drops, etc) to get them to act.

The second is when a potential client types, “I want a massage” into Google, and you are near the top of the results. They click your link and arrive at your website.

Both methods are important, but from my own personal experience as a massage therapist on the Gold Coast, it is the second method that is, by far, the most beneficial to increasing your income and reducing your effort.

Let me explain further…

When I graduated from massage college I was very keen to establish a large clientele quickly. I followed the usual promotional methods and worked tirelessly with little effect.

When advertising in the classifieds of the paper (costing $56 for 4 lines) I was listed amongst 10 or more other therapists. I only ever received a few calls on that one day, and some weeks didn’t even get any new clients. (It might just be the Gold Coast – but I mainly got calls from dirty old men. It was expensive and awkward. (I even tried a large picture advertisement displayed in a section of their choice, costing over $150,  and didn’t receive any calls at all.)

Letter Box Drops
I have a graphic design background – so I designed and printed the flyers myself to save money. (I did black and white photocopies and cut the A4 sheet in 3). I spent hours each day hitting different areas, and although I did get a few new clients (some calling months later) the effort wasn’t really worth the reward.

Yellow Pages is very expensive and you are listed right next to your competitors.
Natural Therapy Pages works for some but most new therapists are listed several pages deep into the search results.

I tried Networking Events / Chamber of Commerce / Sponsorships of Sporting Teams… You Name It!

I was Running Around from Early to Late trying to promote myself.

It was costing me Dollars, Time and … my Passion for Massage.

It was after receiving a certain phone call that the penny dropped. Someone called asking about my half-price special. (Which I had only ever offered 6 months earlier in a small-run letter box drop campaign – to see what-on-earth would make the phone ring).  This lady had kept my flyer stuck to her fridge for 6 months – just in case she ever hurt herself.

So that was the secret. I just had to speak with people at exactly the time THEY NEEDED ME.

I mean, it’s hard to sell someone an extra large pizza if they just aren’t hungry! No matter how good it is.

I re-geared my whole promotional strategy and looked to network with Chiropractors and Physios and Doctor’s with stressed and injured patients. They were all polite to my enthusiastic efforts – but still the phone didn’t ring. (And why would they steer clients with fat wallets away from their registers?)

And after everything above I was tired, stressed, disheartened and flat.

I needed a massage.

So I went to Google and typed in ‘Gold Coast Massage‘. A list of local therapists appeared and I called the first one that jumped out at me and said, “How quickly can I get one?” I didn’t care where they were or how much it cost. I didn’t want to seek referrals and jump through hoops. I just wanted a massage Right Now and They could help me.

And while lying on their table everything became clear.

It had taken me 8 months of hard work and being broke… but having a website that ranked well in a Google search would be the answer to all my problems.

And it was.

I could go as far as saying – I am now making more than 3 times the money,  while working 1/3 of the hours from that day!

Just 12 months on and I have balance. I am now outsourcing the jobs I don’t want to do myself to other therapists and taking a cut.

My massage friends on the Gold Coast saw how busy I had become and begged me to create websites for them. But no. It’s not easy to rank number one for ‘Gold Coast Massage’ and I wasn’t going to help others take it away from me.

But the idea was a good one. If I could flip my business on the Gold Coast on its head, I could do it for therapists in different cities.

So I created 21 more websites around the country, each targeting specific localised keywords – and then linked them all together so they all rank well much quicker.

… And that gets me to now …

All of the websites in the network look great and rank really well for “XYZ City Massage” searches.

If you have ever looked into getting your own site done, it starts at $1,000 – but will more likely be $2,000 or $3,000. But keep in mind – that is for Design Only. It can cost that much again to get them ranking on the first page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the second half of the puzzle.

And here’s the great news.

I’m selling the websites I have created for $1,697 completed.
(Yes, I will change the existing details on the website to your details)

Or, you can rent them off me for only $62 per calendar month.
No set-up fees, No contracts, No Hassles.

If it gets you one extra client per month it is an investment – not an expense.

Compare it to the cost of the other promotions you are doing now…

Compare the effort you will put into your website to the alternates…

Speak to people when They Need You!

$1,697 outright or $62 a month.

Why so cheap? Because I have done 22 at once and economy of scale comes into play.

But only one therapist in each city gets the opportunity.

If your city / area is not listed I can create a site for you, but I will never give opposition to an existing member.

Megan Williams of Bundaberg has jumped on board Bundaberg Massage

Here’s what she had to say…

Megan Williams“Nigel, Thank you so much for all of your assistance in the setting up of my website. It looks great. Working with you has been fantastic. Responding quickly to requests, setting a very reasonable price, personalising the site for my business and providing an internet presence that is striking and most importantly, effective, without the huge upfront costs. An absolute blessing for me. It’s been the perfect partnership with someone who understands the lingo of both massage and the internet world. Thanks again.”

Megan Williams
Liberty Healing & Wellness Solutions

Below are the other cities that form the Australian Massage Network.
Massage Therapists in the available cities can apply to join the network today.

Gold Coast Seated MassageGold Coast Seated Massage
Whether you need one therapist for 2 hours, or a team of therapists for a week, I can help you with all your Seated Massage requirements on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.
Unlike many other providers, I have gathered a team of ‘Professional Massage Therapists‘ who all have vast experience at working at a variety of corporate events.
Please make contact to discuss your needs.

Katherine Massage ClinicKatherine Massage Clinic
Wendy Robinson has a passion for treating people and rectifying any problems they may have; whether that be sports injuries, post surgery, muscular disorders or any type of aches or pains. Trying to fix and maintain a person’s imbalances can be difficult, but with proper treatment Wendy believes it is achievable and rewarding for both the practitioner and the client. With her passion and skill set she brings positive results and joy into the hearts of her clients.

Massage in MackayMackay Massage
I offer a holistic approach to improving your well-being and strongly believe massage therapy can have far better results than your GP, physio and chiropractor – although they can go very well hand in hand with massage to aid recovery. I have worked with many clients in Mackay who have been at their wits-end. They have tried many other therapies, and in some cases, surgery, with no beneficial results. I have helped them to regain their quality of life and by following a holistic treatment plan they are now living with no pain, and are able to go back living their ‘normal’ life as they had been prior to their injury or dysfunction.

Hervey Bay MassageHervey Bay Massage
Welcome to Ocean Therapies, where your body can start its journey to better health.

Our treatments are based on your Wellbeing, with all of our massage treatments and pamper packages aimed at reducing and relieving pain, relieving tension and creating relaxation and self-confidence.

Clinic and mobile treatments available.

Scarborough Sports Massage ClinicScarborough Sports Massage Clinic
At the Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic we believe that the power of therapeutic massage and touch increases vitality, health, and wholeness. We are committed to providing therapeutic massage and bodywork that promotes a sense of well-being, while revitalizing soft tissues, blood flow, muscles and fascia. We affirm that massage releases and relaxes. Through therapeutic massage, our listening hands, and deep presence we enhance a safe environment for renewal of body, mind, and energy.

Ballarat MassageBallarat Massage
Angela Willett offers a variety of massage modalities from her Ballarat Massage Clinic.

Modalities include; Remedial, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy, Volcanic Hot Stones and Relaxation massage.

She works with her clients to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Newcastle MassageNewcastle Massage
Nourishing Health in Newcastle is focused on delivering a happier you. Whether it be a rebalancing of a stressed mind and body, or to provide you with effective relief from muscular aches and pains, my goal is for you to leave feeling lighter, freer and happier.

I offer a range of therapeutic massage treatments as well as relaxing beauty treatments.

Northern Rivers CounsellorCounsellor in the Northern Rivers
Reconnect Counselling is a counselling service for individuals, couples, families and business.

If you wish to improve your relationships and communication; or address issues such as grief, loss, conflict, anxiety and depression, Helen Larkey can help you.

Appointments available face to face, or by phone/skype.

Seated Massage Gold Coast
Gold Coast
Seated Massage

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