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Gold Coast Seated MassageHello my name is Nigel Coates. I am a Remedial Massage Therapist on the Gold Coast.

I can help you with all your Seated Massage requirements, whether you need one therapist for 2 hours, or a team of therapists for a week.

Unlike many other providers, I have gathered a team of ‘Professional Massage Therapists‘ who all have vast experience at working the variety of events listed below.

Their massage skills and conversational ability makes a world of difference in creating the best impression for you.

Nigel Coates – Mobile: 0411 6999 28 or Email here.

As no two events/conferences/trade shows/work places, etc. are the same, I am very flexible is how the service is delivered. It’s best to give me a call to discuss your unique requirements.

I am happy to offer honest advice, drawing from my many years experience in this environment.

Gold Coast Seated Massage

Seated Massage

Seated massage is performed on a chair, stool, or professional massage chair. As it is done without oil or removing clothes, everyone can experience a seated massage at your workplace or event. It doesn’t take up much room, and massages of 3 to 5 minutes can move through a large number of people very quickly.

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Conference Massage Gold Coast

Conference Massage

A welcome relief from the long days… and longer nights, make your stand ‘the place to be’ by offering conference massage. You know it is always well received and a draw card for pulling a crowd.

Conference Massage really is an investment – not an expense.

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Gold Coast Trade Show Massage

Trade Show Massage

If you are organising your stand at a trade show on the Gold Coast I can sort out all of your seated massage needs. Massage is proven to draw a big crowd and a stand that ‘looks busy’ draws event more attention. Massage chairs take up very little room and it provides a perfect opportunity to chat with potential customers before, after or during their treatment.

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Corporate Massage Gold Coast

Corporate Massage

I have found myself in a variety of situations whilst doing corporate massage; On the 9th hole of a golf course, on the top deck of a luxury boat cruising the Broadwater, at product launches, charity days, and in office buildings and workplaces here, there and everywhere. I am very versatile and happy to discuss your individual corporate massage needs.

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Gold Coast Convention Centre Massage

GC Convention Centre Massage

The Gold Coast Convention Centre has become one of the countries leading conference venues, and seated massage is a proven way to draw great traffic to your stand. Having worked for a large number of clients, my team is very versatile and always conscious of your objectives.

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Jupiters Casino Massage Gold Coast

Jupiters Casino Massage

Jupiters Casino is also a popular trade show and exhibition centre on the Gold Coast. As your potential clients wander the isles bombarded by sales people and brochures, the respite of a seated massage is always welcomed and appreciated. I have seen many a business relationship begin as a direct result of having seated massage on the stand.

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Gold Coast Mobile Massage

Gold Coast Mobile Massage Services

As a professional massage therapist I also offer a full range of table massage services. My Massage treatments combine both proven scientific techniques and guided intuition.

It is more common to find doctor-like therapists with great knowledge and bad touch, or fairy-like healers with great personality and no real knowledge. I’m told repeatedly I strike the perfect balance.

The Massages I offer fall into two broad categories.

  • Remedial Massage – to sort physical pain and dysfunction.
  • Relaxation Massage – to relieve emotional stress and to feel pampered.

I have worked in several of the Gold Coast’s leading Day Spas and health retreats. After spending time with a client, it was always unfortunate to know they had to step back out into the real world and sit in traffic on their way home.

My private clients prefer that I bring these amazing 5-Star treatments to them at a fraction of the price they pay at a day spa.

  • No travel to and from the clinic. If you are injured this is perfect!
  • No rushing to get there or waiting around for your treatment
  • Complete Privacy (without sharing changing and waiting rooms)
  • The Security, Comfort and Convenience of your own home
  • The ability to continue floating on your cloud when we are done! (No sitting in traffic, diving head first back into the real world)

I uphold the Australian Association of Massage Therapist’s (AAMT’s) Code of Ethics.¬†This Code of Ethics describes the professional conduct expected of members to preserve and enhance their professional reputations as well as the general reputation of the massage industry in Australia. I am also a professional member of the National Association called Massage Australia.

My Massage Services in more detail…

Remedial Massage
Remedial massage treatments are perfect for people with injuries, or who are living with continual pain or discomfort. Remedial Massage Reduces Pain and Increases Range of Movement!

Relaxation Massage
If you are looking for a relaxation massage, the traditional Swedish Massage is guaranteed to release your physical and emotional stress. My warm healing hands will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in no time!

Kahuna Massage / Lomi Lomi Massage
If you are a little more adventurous, a Hawaiian Kahuna massage (also called a Lomi Lomi) is for you. With long flowing strokes a Kahuna massage is an energetic and transformational experience you will long remember. It’s been called the Rolls Royce of massage, and rightly so!

Sports Massage
Sports massage is not just for elite athletes. Anyone who is preparing for an event, or recovering from one can benefit. Faster and more superficial than deep tissue, it assists the movement of lactic acid through your system and brings warms and length to tight muscles.

Please make contact to discuss your individual needs.

Nigel Coates – Mobile: 0411 6999 28 or Email here.


Seated Massage Gold Coast

Gold Coast
Seated Massage

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